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Wholesale Promotional and advertising balloons and inflatables products of all types. You can find a number of products for your advertising needs,  from air dancers, also referred to as sky dancers and wind puppets to die sublimation pop up tents. We have a visibility solution for your business using custom inflatables, rooftop balloons or hot air shaped balloons that will help you stand out above and beyond your competition. Our inflatable company offers rooftop Gorilla inflatables , product replicas, vendor tents , also known as pop-up tents;  feather style wind flags and Tear Drop flags for your special events. All our printing and production is done out our factory  so we control the quality of every item that we produce for our customers: Banner flags, digital print table covers, and  helium advertising blimps and spheres.

Whether you are having a special event, a trade show,  a sports show or event, a church event in your community, grand opening or if you are open for business, we can  supply the advertising product or inflatable   to fit your business, marketing needs and you advertising budget.







Promote Your Business

With Cost Effective Wind Flags!


Feather Flags, Bow Flags, Bowhead Flags, Wind Flags, Tear Drop Flags

The Feather Flag system is a light, durable system design for easy installation and transportation offering great promotional visibility.

The unique shape of the flag allows it to move with the wind and can turn 360 degrees making it visible and readable from all sides. The unique features of the Wind Flag allows easy assembly and storage as each Flag comes with its own carrying bag. Wind flags come in three styles: Feather flags or Bow Flags, Tear Drop and Banner Flag.

Offered with different attachments, the Feather Flag can be used for permanent display or for temporary marketing campaigns


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Flag-Mesh Flags
8ft 12 ft 15ft 18 ft
Flag-Mesh Flags
7ft 11 ft 14ft
Flag-Mesh Flags
8ft 12 ft 15ft



12 ft feather flad Don Q coco


Flag-Mesh Flags
8ft 12 ft 15ft
Flag-Mesh Flags
8ft 12 ft 15ft
Flag-Mesh Flags
8ft 12 ft 15ft

Great for Promotions, Special Events,  Sport Events,

Trade Shows, Weekend Specials, Everyday Advertising. 

Wind Flags are a great way to promote your business in a very cost effective way. They are very easy to set up and easy to travel with . The Feather Flags and Tear Drop flags are made of a special see through material that lets the image bleed through and be seen from both sides. This printing process can eliminate the need for two side printing of the flag, reducing the extra cost. We can have any graphic sublimated or digitally printed on the printed on the flag. The Wind Flags come in three sizes: 8ft, 12ft and 15ft.                                   


  WIND FLAG SPECS                        

Any logo      Quick Delivery

WIND FLAG PACKAGE: (Feather, Banner or Tear Drop)
  • Made in the USA

  • Flag with 85% bleed through full  sublimation print
  • Ball bearing turning system
  • Telescopic steel pole
  • Ground stake with metal stopper
  • Carry and storage bag
  • No electricity required
  • No set Up fee if art is provided
  • Wall Mount

  • Tent Mount
  • Cross Base
  • Tire Mount
  • Weighted Bag



Easy Set-up:

  • easy one-person set-up                                                 
  • convenient telescopic pole
  • breaks down to less than 4 feet.

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12 ft bow flag Kaeser Blair

Feather Flag

tear drop flag  haricut

Tear Drop Flag

Banner Flag

Banner Flag

Sizes 8ft  12 ft 15 ft

Sizes 7.5 ft 11ft 14ft

Sizes 8ft  12ft  15ft



Our high quality Wind flag hardware can extend the life of your wind flag with proper care and storage.  Several styles and sizes are available for your advertising needs

Total Height

8ft Wind Flag

12ft Wind Flag

15ft Wind Flag

  Banner Size

2 ft x 6 ft

2 ft x 10 ft

3 ft x 13 ft

  FLAG Size

7.5 ft

12 ft

15 ft

Shipping Weight (Lbs) 10 LB 13 LB 15 LB


    Great quality Wind Flags at a great price.

Advertising Balloons are the fastest growing way of advertising. While the advertising rates for other media keep pushing up to record levels,  Advertising Inflatables offer huge advantage and savings over TV, Radio, Magazines, Newspapers, and Billboards, reaching the consumer in a more visual and direct way. Owning and advertising balloons is like having your own billboard but at a  fraction of the cost. And the best advantage is that you OWN IT!! You can set it up at your business , special events, trade shows, swap meet, festivals, and any other events were you need to be seen.

Advertising balloons is a broad term related to inflatables that has many possibilities. Primarily giant balloons and  outdoor inflatables, such as helium balloons and cold air inflatables,  are advertising balloons that can be used as rooftop balloons, for trade shows, promotion and corporate branding. Advertising blimps, giant balloons  and searchlights are used primarily for special events, some people and businesses use them on a regular basis. Advertising balloons and inflatables can also be found in the shape of a logo, a figure or a product replica for promotional events.

Air Dancers are another form of advertising balloons  that are very versatile, fun and great attention getters, they are easily transported and setup takes a couple of minutes. These balloons work with a vortex motor that sends air up into the inflatable balloon; simply plug it in and let it’s size and movement bring in the customers. Also known as wind dancers, sky dancers, airdancers, air puppets, tube dancers, and many more.

Outdoor Inflatables can be used as cold air balloons  or helium balloons, for ground, rooftop, or air borne.

Cold air balloons are available as a hot air shape balloons, inflatable gorillas, inflatable custom designs, inflatable products or inflatable logos. Cold air balloons run with a motor that works constantly to fill the balloon with air keeping it rigid so it conserves it's shape. For more information on advertising balloons or inflatable got o frequently asked questions.

Helium balloons include giant helium spheres and inflatable balls that can come with a logo or a message,  parade balloons and advertising blimps that get your message across and are visible for up to 3 miles. These balloons are filled with helium that make them keep their shape and float.

Inflatable costumes are another advertising tool. They work where other forms of advertising balloons or blimps are not allowed and give you more freedom to approach the customers and even hand out information.

Other proven products include;

Advertising banners, banner-flags, vendor tents and imprinted balloons all work well alone or as a complement to our products above.


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Our Advertising Balloons are one of the best in the industry. We are committed to help you go above and beyond the competition with sate of the art and high quality outdoor advertising Air Dancers, Cold Air balloons, Parade balloons, Advertising inflatables, Blimps, Helium Balloons, Giant Inflatable Replicas and Digital Wind Flags. Any of this products will provide a visibility solution that will impact the advertising for your business or product. Our advertising balloons will create a landmark in your city that and will give a 3D advertising logo or product for your customer to see. Our outdoor advertising inflatable, can be used indoors at trade shows and exhibits as well. They  will bring attention to any retail business including special events and grand openings, inflate your business with our products. Advertising inflatables, Balloons of America, air dancers, wind flags and feather flags or sign banners, rooftop gorillas, pop-up tents, Ez-Up tents type, Laguna Canopy, helium blimps and digital banners are all powerful giant signs that when displayed  on  a rooftop or at street level  will call attention to your business. This simple visibility solution will increase your sales traffic and help above and beyond what you currently do at your business. American Advertising inflatables and promotional products get you noticed!

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