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Frame Tents     Pup Up Tent Features     Inflatable Tents

Vendor canopy for sporting events, at the beach, for your company, Perfect for special events, sport events, races, Festivals, Brand Awareness, Concession Stands.


We specialize in manufacturing custom graphics and logo canopy tents of almost any shape or size. Make a lasting and professional impression with our factory direct dye sublimated vendor tents with your graphics, logos,  or product replica on part or all of the tent. The Vendor Tents give your company a more professional and cohesive look at Shows, Flea Markets, Art Festivals, Sports Events and  Trade Shows. We have your marketing needs covered!


Our Tents are available in several sizes from 5x5 up to 10x20, if you have a special size that you need give us a call. Every tent can be printed on 4 tops and 4 valances for maximum use of advertising and branding space. All vendor tents include the tent frame, canopy, art on top of tent and valances.


10x10 tent setup juice It Up vendor canopy

10x10 tent pycnik dye sublimation
Top 10x 10 tent

Top and back

Top, back and side rails
10x10 tent dye sublimation cavalia
10x10 tent with cover

Pop up tents are designed for optimum sun protection and shade and are constructed with the highest of quality materials. The 100% polyester tops of pop up tents are made of 600 denier, heavy duty polyester that is water proof, fire retardant and UV protected. The patented aluminum frame is 30% lighter than most steel frames. Pop up tents are incredibly flexible and convenient, the canopies can travel just about anywhere.

All our tents are custom pop up tents built just for you at very competitive pricing. Why get a stock one if you can make an impact with your own logo and company colors for a very reasonable price! Pop up tents assemble quickly and travel easily, so you do not have to worry about the set up for any event. We will work with you to create a professional design for your next event ensuring that you will have impact and visibility  that draws the attention of the public to your Tents.

Tent Sizes
5x5 tents 8x8 tents 10x 10 tent 10x10 tent
               5x5 Tent             8x8 Tent                 10x10 Tent                10x10 Tent   
10 x15 tent
10x15 Tent   
10x20 tents
10x20 Tent   
special design tent
Special Design Tent   

  Tent Specs

 • Commercial Grade PV Coated 600 D Polyester

 • Exclusive Digital printing trough Dye Sublimation with brighter colors,

    making the tent  crack free and scratch resistant

 • UV Inhibited, waterproof, mildew resistant

 • Fire retardant, and protected from Ultraviolet Rays ( certificate available)

 • Patented H/D Power-Coated Rust Resistant Steel Frame

 • Pull Pin Slider Action for ease of use.

 • The Top can stay attached when stored or easily removed

 • Sets up in seconds without the need of ropes or tools.

 • Easy to set Back wall, with Velcro attachments to secure in place Self Contained

 • Side panels include metal side rail to support the panel and add stability. Velcro 

    attachment keep side panels in place on windy days.

  • Many optional walls, flags, table covers and attachments available

 • Storage Bag Optional


Picture Gallery

Picture Gallery

Picture Gallery

Dye Sublimation process allows for any color to be printed.

Solid tents available in standard color tops




Dark Blue #281

  Blue #Process C


  Cool Grey #3C   Orange #021


  Yellow #102   Red #186


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Inflatable Tents
Our one piece construction with sewn in roof makes it easy
to set-up since there is no assembly.  Just plug in the included
extension and the tent blows up around you.


Advertising Balloons are the fastest growing way of advertising. While the advertising rates for other media keep pushing up to record levels,  Advertising Inflatables offer huge advantage and savings over TV, Radio, Magazines, Newspapers, and Billboards, reaching the consumer in a more visual and direct way. Owning and advertising balloons is like having your own billboard but at a  fraction of the cost. And the best advantage is that you OWN IT!! You can set it up at your business , special events, trade shows, swap meet, festivals, and any other events were you need to be seen.

Advertising balloons is a broad term related to inflatables that has many possibilities. Primarily giant balloons and  outdoor inflatables, such as helium balloons and cold air inflatables,  are advertising balloons that can be used as rooftop balloons, for trade shows, promotion and corporate branding. Advertising blimps, giant balloons  and searchlights are used primarily for special events, some people and businesses use them on a regular basis. Advertising balloons and inflatables can also be found in the shape of a logo, a figure or a product replica for promotional events.

Air Dancers are another form of advertising balloons  that are very versatile, fun and great attention getters, they are easily transported and setup takes a couple of minutes. These balloons work with a vortex motor that sends air up into the inflatable balloon; simply plug it in and let it’s size and movement bring in the customers. Also known as wind dancers, sky dancers, airdancers, air puppets, tube dancers, and many more.

Outdoor Inflatables can be used as cold air balloons  or helium balloons, for ground, rooftop, or air borne.

Cold air balloons are available as a hot air shape balloons, inflatable gorillas, inflatable custom designs, inflatable products or inflatable logos. Cold air balloons run with a motor that works constantly to fill the balloon with air keeping it rigid so it conserves it's shape. For more information on advertising balloons or inflatable got o frequently asked questions.

Helium balloons include giant helium spheres and inflatable balls that can come with a logo or a message,  parade balloons and advertising blimps that get your message across and are visible for up to 3 miles. These balloons are filled with helium that make them keep their shape and float.

Inflatable costumes are another advertising tool. They work where other forms of advertising balloons or blimps are not allowed and give you more freedom to approach the customers and even hand out information.

Other proven products include;

Advertising banners, banner-flags, vendor tents and imprinted balloons all work well alone or as a complement to our products above.

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