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Wholesale Promotional and advertising balloons and inflatables products of all types. You can find a number of products for your advertising needs,  from air dancers, also referred to as sky dancers and wind puppets to die sublimation pop up tents. We have a visibility solution for your business using custom inflatables, rooftop balloons or hot air shaped balloons that will help you stand out above and beyond your competition. Our inflatable company offers rooftop Gorilla inflatables , product replicas, vendor tents , also known as pop-up tents;  feather style wind flags and Tear Drop flags for your special events. All our printing and production is done out our factory  so we control the quality of every item that we produce for our customers: Banner flags, digital print table covers, and  helium advertising blimps and spheres.

Whether you are having a special event, a trade show,  a sports show or event, a church event in your community, grand opening or if you are open for business, we can  supply the advertising product or inflatable   to fit your business, marketing needs and you advertising budget.




Attract Immediate attention with

 our advertising Balloons.


Hot Air Shaped Balloons, Rooftop Balloons, Grand Opening Rooftop Balloons

Our large Roof Top Advertising Balloons target your most potential customer - THOSE WHO PASS BY YOUR LOCATION. These Hot Air shaped balloons can be seen from miles away making your business a landmark.  Our Advertising Balloons have been used by hundreds of companies and businesses to promote retail sales, special events, grand openings, closing business, trade shows, parking lot sales and sports events.

Gives a call to quote a Roof Top Balloon for your next event. We can have your Advertising Inflatable ready in as little as 7 business days, great quality and top service.


8ft Hot Air Shaped

more pictures

12ft Hot Air Shaped

more pictures

18ft Hot Air Shaped

more pictures

18ft Hot Air Shaped

more pictures


18ft Hot Air Shaped

more pictures

20ft Hot Air Shaped

more pictures

24ft Hot Air Shaped

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28ft Hot Air Shaped

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 Rooftop balloon package includes the following:

 balloon, tether lines, fan, and banner.


 Our Hot Air Shaped Balloons come in a complete package making it easy to install and use.   


The package includes the following:

  • Hot air shaped advertising balloon made from 8 to 10 oz. durable and resistant materials with reinforced seams and stress points

  • Seams sewn with finest industrial machines

  • Heavy duty B-Air inflation blower/fan

  • Custom banner for front of Roof Top Balloon

  • Tie down straps

  • Storage bag

  • Instruction manual


  •  Digital print available for front and back panels of Roof Top Balloon

  • 1000 watt lighting system for Hot Air Balloon and  heavy duty timer

  •   String with flags for tether lines

  •   Back banner


Advertising Inflatables offers several different size hot air shaped advertising balloons

(8 foot, 12 foot,  18 ft, 20 ft, 24 foot, 30 foot).   

Size of Balloon Banner Size Type of Material
8 Foot Tall 30"  by 48" 7.5 oz.  coated nylon
12 Foot Tall 30"  by 48" 7.5 oz.  coated nylon
18 Foot Tall 48"  by 90" 7.5 oz.  coated nylon
20 Foot Tall 60" by 120" 7.5 oz.  coated nylon
24 Foot Tall 60" by 120" 7.5 oz.  coated nylon
30 Foot Tall 60" by 120" 7.5 oz. coated nylon


Please call for logos or custom balloons

   AIR FAN  
  The B-Air GRIZZLY Blowers (#GP-1) come in a 1HP Motor with 3 speeds and 4 positions, including a swing-out kickstand! They come standard with a 2" Velcro around the outlet opening.

The Grizzlies are designed for various applications in the inflatable industry such as crawl-through Inflatables, roof-top advertising Inflatables, etc , where you may require Higher CFM's and lower Static pressures.

The Grizzlies are also offered in C-UL-US Certification. Model (#GP-1-UL). This means they have been tested by an independent Safety Certification Lab, known as Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and have found that they have passed their stringent safety tests and have become certified through the C-UL-US Safety Certification.

They are available in Black or Safety Green.

Like all B-Air products, the Grizzlies are made of high quality materials to insure many years of use.



Voltage 115V   230V
Cycle 60Hz   50Hz
Max Air Volume 3550CFM   3180CFM
Amps L 8.7A / M 9.2A / H 9.8A   L 4.7A / M 5.2 A / H 5.8A
Max Static Pressure 3.1"   2.8"
Weight Net/Gr 39/43 Lbs   39/43 Lbs
Unit Size (LxWxH) 19"x 18"x 19.5"   19"x 18"x 19.5"
Wheel Speed (RPM) L1300 / M1440 / H1720   L1070 / M1190 / H1400
Motor 1 HP   1 HP
Attached Cord (14 G) 25 Ft   25 Ft
Speeds 3   3
Kick Stand Height 4.5"   4.5"

Our Rooftop Balloons are made from 7.5 oz coated nylon material, material used for the bouncer inflatables , and for exterior boating covers. This material is very durable and will give your inflatable an unlimited lifespan as long as it is properly taken care for. The bottom of the balloon is made of 9.2 oz nylon to reinforce the area that is in contact with the foor and endures the most stress. The inside of the inflatable is constructed with a double stitch and seam in order to give the inflatable more durability. The care that we put the manufacturing of our rooftops make is one of the best in the market, able to endure higher wind conditions and give it a longer life.


We manufacture everything in house and can give you a turn around time of as little as 5 days on standard Rooftop Balloon.  We also cary stock in some of our most popular Hot Air Shapes so please give us a call to estimate your delivery time. If you have a rush job let us know and we will expedite your balloon in order to meet your delivery date or event.


Once we receive your artwork we will render an art layout with your specific logo, colors and message for your approval. Each of our balloons are made for our specific customer so you can decide upon a great number of colors the color combinations for the top, bottom and center of the balloon. Our experienced sales group and artist can help you with the color combinations. We can also digitally print any logo or graphic in part of the balloon or the entire balloon. We can  print your message in the equator or do it in a banner so you can exchange messages by season or by event. Please let us know what your needs are so we can better serve you.


  • We recommend doing a daily inspection of the unit, looking for tears or punctures.

  • Make sure that the ropes are fastened properly to the stakes.

  • Make sure that the blower is unobstructed and running properly.

  •  Care should be taken when cleaning around the applied artwork on the inflatable, the paint may be damaged if cleaned with the wrong solution or rubbed hard.

  • It is extremely important for the unit to be clean from dirt or water for a longer life.

  • The surface of the unit should be cleaned with non-corrosive antibacterial cleaning solution or a non-abrasive household cleaning solution.

  • Only use white smooth cloth for cleaning, so color won’t rub off on inflatable.

  • Vacuuming will remove dust ant litter from seams and corners of the unit


  •  Do not display the inflatable during high winds and storms. The inflatable should be deflated immediately when the winds exceeds 20 MPH as it could damage the inflatable.

  • Make sure the inflatable is completely dry before storing. Storing the inflatable wet will result in damaging the silicon coating on the fabric and promoting mold on the fabric and it could  drastically shorten the life of the inflatable.

  • In case the inflatable comes with a lighting system, make sure that the light switch is off for at least 15 minutes before deflating the inflatable so as not to burn or damage the fabric.

12 Month Warranty

We provide a 12 month warranty on the blower and a 6 month warranty on the inflatable subject to maintenance. We recommend to be careful with the maintenance of the inflatable and be sure to not  abuse or damage the balloon and to comply with the user instructions so you can enjoy your inflatable for a long time. The inflatable along with its accessories should be handles with care to avoid damages. Ensure that it’s loaded, unloaded, inflated or deflated by enough helpers to avoid any accidents or people hurting themselves as it can be heavy when the size is over 20 feet.


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Our Advertising Balloons are one of the best in the industry. We are committed to help you go above and beyond the competition with sate of the art and high quality outdoor advertising Air Dancers, Cold Air balloons, Parade balloons, Advertising inflatables, Blimps, Helium Balloons, Giant Inflatable Replicas and Digital Wind Flags. Any of this products will provide a visibility solution that will impact the advertising for your business or product. Our advertising balloons will create a landmark in your city that and will give a 3D advertising logo or product for your customer to see. Our outdoor advertising inflatable, can be used indoors at trade shows and exhibits as well. They  will bring attention to any retail business including special events and grand openings, inflate your business with our products. Advertising inflatables, Balloons of America, air dancers, wind flags and feather flags or sign banners, rooftop gorillas, pop-up tents, Ez-Up tents type, Laguna Canopy, helium blimps and digital banners are all powerful giant signs that when displayed  on  a rooftop or at street level  will call attention to your business. This simple visibility solution will increase your sales traffic and help above and beyond what you currently do at your business. American Advertising inflatables and promotional products get you noticed!

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