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Wholesale Promotional and advertising balloons and inflatables products of all types. You can find a number of products for your advertising needs,  from air dancers, also referred to as sky dancers and wind puppets to die sublimation pop up tents. We have a visibility solution for your business using custom inflatables, rooftop balloons or hot air shaped balloons that will help you stand out above and beyond your competition. Our inflatable company offers rooftop Gorilla inflatables , product replicas, vendor tents , also known as pop-up tents;  feather style wind flags and Tear Drop flags for your special events. All our printing and production is done out our factory  so we control the quality of every item that we produce for our customers: Banner flags, digital print table covers, and  helium advertising blimps and spheres.

Whether you are having a special event, a trade show,  a sports show or event, a church event in your community, grand opening or if you are open for business, we can  supply the advertising product or inflatable   to fit your business, marketing needs and you advertising budget.





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Inflatable balloons and advertising blimps have become a great advertising tool and a very cost effective way to bring attention to your brand or business. This durable outdoor advertising inflatables can be seen from miles away in store openings, sporting events, trade shows, fairs, and many other marketing events. These advertising helium blimps are a great way to let the customer know were you are, mark a location and see your business  from  up to 3 miles away! 

Get the attention and visibility that drives customers to your door!


17 ft Blimp

   Click picture to enlarge

    20 ft Blimp 

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24  ft Blimp

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Two color blimp  

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Nylon Blimps

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Digital Printed Blimp

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Our PVC blimps are made of a PVC fabric with a UV coating (for sun protection) inhibitor integrated to the material to protect against sun and fading.

  • The color is part of the material, not a coating, so it won't peel.

  • The fabric is specially manufactured 18 mil thick and specially designed to hold helium.

  • Graphics can be placed in almost any part of the Blimp

  • Great for outdoor use. This fabric is stronger  than the 3.5 mil or 6 mil urethane material from other manufacturers (a garbage bag is about 3 mil thick).

  • Many Colors and combinations to choose from

 Helium Blimp Package:

  • Perfect for trade shows

  • Designed to be reused over and over again when taken care of.


  • Optional Banners available

  • Light system available

  • Available in white, red, orange, yellow, blue, clear, black, silver, gold & green (custom colors available at additional charge)

  • Pendant Rope available

  •    Specs:

    13 FT PVC 3 LB 245 < 1 TANK
    17 FT PVC 4 LB 410 1 ½TANKS
    20 FT PVC 11 LB 700 2 ½TANKS
    20 FT NYLON 11 LB 700 2 ½TANKS
    24 FT NYLON 20 LB 1000 4 TANKS
    30 FT NYLON 28 LB 1800 7 TANKS


       Material Colors


    Please note that the colors displayed on your monitor only represent the actual balloon colors. Custom colors are available for an additional charge and may lengthen the production time.

    For prices and quotes please email us at .We will be glad to answer any questions that you may have.


    Blimps are available in different sizes, 17 feet, 20 feet , 24 feet , and 30 feet long. We can help you select the size that you need depending on the application. The following may help you select the blimp for your business.

    • 13 Ft Blimp. Ideal for INDOOR use such as trade shows and exhibits, can be used for limited outdoor event.  This blimp can handle up to 15 MPH gusts of wind, but we only recommend to fly it indoors for more durability.

    • 17 ft Blimp. This blimp size is design for indoor use but can be used outdoors in very light or no wind conditions. The design is made to have more space for your message and to be light and easy to install. if using it outdoors make sure that it is no more than 80 ft in the air and since it does not carry as much helium make sure to bring it down if the wind picks up.

    • 20 ft, 24 foot Blimps. These sizes are the most popular, great for indoor or outdoor usage. The 20 foot blimp can handle wind up to  25 MPH gusts, the 24  foot winds up to 30 MPH gusts. These blimps can attract attention from up to 3 miles away. Great for Grand openings, Special Events, weekend sales ,  and sporting events.

    • 30 ft Blimp. These blimp is fantastic for special events, fairs and carnivals. Mainly used for outdoor events, can sustain winds of up to 40 MPH but we recommend it only to 35 MPH winds. The advertising space and impact it has when displayed will live a permanent impression on your potential customers.  Since this is a big blimp it takes a a large space and a big volume of helium. It can be expensive to maintain but it's worth the investment.



    Artwork is painted on the blimp with a special urethane based paint that is flexible and becomes part of the balloon so it won't crack with use or weather.  Our paint will never crack, peel , or wrinkle like stickers will.

    Our facility is able to do from one color artwork and lettering on the blimp to full digital print. Send us your logo and we will give you a quote. The artwork can be digitally applied so all lettering and logos match perfectly.

    CLICK HERE to receive a free quote and art rendition with your company logo or message.

    FOR PRICES GIVE US A CALL  949.340.3527

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    • Made out of thick nylon material with an urethane coating for UV protection, middle nylon material for strength and internal urethane coating for helium retention.

    • Made from specially design helium material and with the greatest amount of aerodynamics.

    • Great for outdoor use, fairs, trade shows, grand opening, special events, sports events.
    • Designed to fly in winds of up to 30 MPH. 

    Artwork is painted on the blimp with a special urethane based paint that is flexible and becomes part of the balloon so it won't crack with use or weather.  Our paint will never crack, peel , or wrinkle like stickers will.

    Our facility is able to do from one color artwork and lettering on the blimp to full digital print. Send us your logo and we will give you a quote. The artwork can be digitally applied so all lettering and logos match perfectly.

    CLICK HERE to receive a free quote and art rendition with your company logo or message.

    FOR PRICES GIVE US A CALL  949.340.3527


    • 17 foot blimp takes under 1  tank of helium

    • 20 foot blimp takes 1 1/2 tanks of helium

    • 24 foot blimp takes 3 1/2 tanks of helium

    • 30 foot blimp takes 6 1/2 tanks of helium


    Helium blimps are a very visible and affordable way of aerial advertising and promotion. Blimps can often be seen from  up to one mile away and attract customers to your spot, making it a landmark point.

    Advertising Blimps are easy to take care of and store. In order to expand the life of your blimp you may want to take a couple of precautions:


    Helium is  the same gas used for the party latex balloons. When used for outdoor advertising balloons we recommend to purchase helium from and industrial facility and not from party suppliers. Helium is industrially used for welding and in hospitals, so we recommend to find an industrial or welding supplier when purchasing helium. The tanks used for the inflatables are Jumbo 291 tanks that can run from $110 to $140 per tank.

    When considering using a helium inflatable you must account for the cost of helium in your advertising budget since you must top of the balloon every 3 to 6 days since the Helium molecules are very small and easily escape any pours material or surface.


    Never fly your blimps on bad weather conditions. If the wind is above 20 miles per hour or if it's raining, bring your sphere down or deflate and store.

    Never over inflate your blimps with helium. Helium expands  when the temperature rises and contracts when it's cold. During the day the blimp may look more inflated or less inflated because of these temperature changes. When inflating the Helium Blimp take care to inflate to the point were it still gives when you press. Try to inflate it when the temperature is higher so the helium is expanded.  If the blimp over inflates it can get damaged and it will be easier for outside objects to damage your blimpe. In the case of over inflation, take some helium out until it feels firm but not tight.

     Store your Blimp in a safe and dry container and area. When storing the Helium Blimp make sure that it is clean and dry in order for it to have a longer life span

    To clean, use warm water with mild detergent and a soft cloth. Dry it completely using another soft cloth. If the inflatable will not be used for several days, make certain that it’s clean and dry before storing in protective bag.


    With proper care, handling and following the instructions in this manual, your inflatable should serve you well for several years. Inspect your blimp and check tether line; if the line becomes frayed or gets cut replace immediately. We stock blimp materials for replacement when needed.


    Prior to filling the helium product  with helium, attach the tether line to the helium product  harness and tie off the other end of the tether line to a secure, fix object. Make sure the tether line does not come into contact with any sharp objects, as this may result in the tether line being severed and the helium product  escaping


    • Check to make sure the tether line harness is not tangled and the lines are tied securely to the inflatable.
    • Attach one end of the tether lien to the metal harness ring on the underside of the blimp. Only one tether line is required. Do not attaché other lines to any other part of the blimp as it will put undue stress on the fabric and cause the blimp to tear.
    • Before inflating the blimp secure the tether line to a heavy, secure object. An assistant at this point would be helpful.
    • Screw the metal inflation hose adapter tightly into the valve of the helium tank.
    • Insert the inflation hose about 12 inches into the valve on the underside of the inflatable filling valve by unscrewing the second section of valve and hold it firmly.
    • Turn the helium tank valve on VERY SLOWLY.  High pressure at the beginning could rupture the inflatable and cause the hose to whiplash. As the inflatable starts to unfold and the pressure inside the tank starts to diminish, you may then open the valve more. If the hose starts to ice, reduce the flow of helium.
    • Inflate until wrinkles disappear from the hull of the inflatable and its just firm, do not over inflate. Remember that helium will expand and contract in hot or cold weather.
    • Turn the helium tank off.
    • Remove the inflation hose from the inflatable valve being careful not to let any helium escape.
    • Close the valve on the inflatable.
    • Raise the inflatable slowly to the height desired and tie it securely at that point. As you let the inflatable rise, check the tether line to make sure there are no weak or frayed areas.


    Thirteen (13) foot Blimp

    205 cu. Ft helium. Stand 4 feet tall and has a net lift of 3 pounds inflated. This inflatable is built to be indoors, we do not recommend flying it outdoors since it doesn not have the lift to sustain wind, decreasing stability. Lower temperatures will also reduce lift. Can be seen up to 1/4 miles away.

     Fifteen (17)  foot Blimp 

    220 cu. Ft helium. Stand 5 feet tall and has a net lift of 4 pounds inflated. It withstands gusts of wind up to 20 mph, if wind is higher it may cause blimp to dive Rain will add weight to the blimp, decreasing stability. Lower temperatures will also reduce lift. Can be seen up to 1/2 miles away.

       HELIUM TANKS USED: Less than 1 tank

     Twenty (20) foot Blimp         

    380 cu. Ft. helium. Stand 7 feet tall and has a net lift of 11 pounds inflated. It withstands gusts of wind up to 30 mph. It is not recommended to fly it in gusty or stronger winds due to great instability in those conditions. Can be seen up to 1 miles away.

    HELIUM TANKS USED: 1 ½  tanks

     Twenty Four (24) foot Blimp

    750 cu. Ft. helium. Stand 9 feet tall and has a net lift of 50 pounds inflated. It withstands gusts of wind up to 30 mph. Can be seen up to 2 miles away.

    HELIUM TANKS USED: 3 ½  tanks

     Thirty (30) foot Blimp           

    900 cu. Ft. helium. Stand 11 feet tall and has a net lift of 60 pound inflated. It withstands gusts of wind up to 30 mph. Can be seen up to 3 miles away.

    HELIUM TANKS USED: 4  tanks

    The helium product  will fly once it is filled with non-flammable helium. Non flammable helium is available from local welding supply or industrial gas company. We recommend GRADE A or WELDING GRADE HELIUM  for use in the helium product  since these types are a purer type of helium and will improve the lift of the helium product . Use of lower grade that is contaminated with air may cause the helium product to fly tail down.

    Average cost of helium tank is $110.00 - $140.00.

    Helium is generally offered in tanks of 219, 244, 291 cu. Ft.

    The number of tanks used to fill the helium product  is based on the standard tank size of 291 cubic feet of gas. 





    Helium will expand as temperature increases, and contracts as temperature decreases.

    Decrease in temperature may cause the blimp to sag and reduce the lift capacity; increase in temperature will make blimp more taunt with the possibility of rupture. DO NOT OVERINFLATE BLIMP TO MAKE TAUT.  After inflation you should be able to push your hand 3 to 4 inches into the body of the blimp.


    If you fly the blimp in cold temperatures during the day and the store the blimp in warmer conditions indoors at night, you must release some helium, as the warmer temperature will cause the blimps to expand. If this is not done there is a possibility or rupture or leakage.

    DO NOT

    • Fly the inflatable in wind exceeding 15 miles per hour, thunderstorms, or other severe weather conditions.
    • Leave the inflatable unattended.
    • Attach the tether lines to any place other than the harness ring.
    • Fly the inflatable were it might come in contact with buildings, high tension lines, or any other abject.
    • Do not use close to heating objects or flames.


    • Check all lines to make certain they are tied securely
    • Allow adequate maneuvering area for the inflatable.



    • For continuous use, you may want to bring the inflatable down every 3 to 7 days, depending upon weather conditions or temperature, to top it off with helium. Helium expands in hot temperatures and contracts in cold temperatures.
    • To maintain the inflatable in a more permanent position, 2 or 3 tether lines may be attached to the harness ring spaced equal distance when anchored to the fixed object on the ground.
    • To prevent damage to the inflatable it should be taken down immediately when wind or other weather conditions become strong.
    • On blimp models, the tether lines of the harness should be adjusted so the blimp flies with the nose angled upwards about 7-10 degrees. Adjust the front and rear lines first, then adjust the middle line until all lines are taut.
    • Do not attach a tether line, or any other type of line, to the anchor loop on the nose of the blimp. The nose anchor loop is only used when it is displayed indoors for the purpose of giving direction. No load should be placed on this loop. The line attaché to the nose cone is for cosmetic purpose only, to simulate the appearance of the real large blimps.


    If you need to deflate the blimp, the fastest way to do it is using a vacuum cleaner.  Open the inflation nozzle and cover with a vacuum cleaner hose to draw out the helium. If your do not have a vacuum with a hose attachment, apply pressure on the blimp until it is completely deflated.



    We warranty seams and parts on your blimp for one year. If you should accidentally tear the blimp, we include a patch kit that contains extra blimp material and glue. When repairing small holes or rips, be careful not to get any glue on the inside of the blimp or you may glue one side of the blimp to the other. Allow glue to become tacky before attaching patch to blimp. Also make sure the patch is glued flat so there are no little holes that could cause air to leak out. Allow 8 hours for glue to dry.

    • After locating leaks, deflate the inflatable.
    • Make sure that the surface is clean and dry. Use a piece of cardboard to smooth out the glue so it does not form any lumps that may cause a leak
    • Cover the hole from the inside with transparent tape or a piece of paper to extend at least ¼ inch on all sides of the hole.
    • Patch the hole on the outside by placing that particular are on a smooth, hard surface. There should be no wrinkles on the area to be patched

    If the patch kit can not repair the damage to your blimp, ship back to us , only the blimp, and we will quickly repair it . Remember Ameramark is not responsible for damage done to the blimp because of mishandling or misuse.

    Advertising Balloons are the fastest growing way of advertising. While the advertising rates for other media keep pushing up to record levels,  Advertising Inflatables offer huge advantage and savings over TV, Radio, Magazines, Newspapers, and Billboards, reaching the consumer in a more visual and direct way. Owning and advertising balloons is like having your own billboard but at a  fraction of the cost. And the best advantage is that you OWN IT!! You can set it up at your business , special events, trade shows, swap meet, festivals, and any other events were you need to be seen.

    Advertising balloons is a broad term related to inflatables that has many possibilities. Primarily giant balloons and  outdoor inflatables, such as helium balloons and cold air inflatables,  are advertising balloons that can be used as rooftop balloons, for trade shows, promotion and corporate branding. Advertising blimps, giant balloons  and searchlights are used primarily for special events, some people and businesses use them on a regular basis. Advertising balloons and inflatables can also be found in the shape of a logo, a figure or a product replica for promotional events.

    Air Dancers are another form of advertising balloons  that are very versatile, fun and great attention getters, they are easily transported and setup takes a couple of minutes. These balloons work with a vortex motor that sends air up into the inflatable balloon; simply plug it in and let it’s size and movement bring in the customers. Also known as wind dancers, sky dancers, airdancers, air puppets, tube dancers, and many more.

    Outdoor Inflatables can be used as cold air balloons  or helium balloons, for ground, rooftop, or air borne.

    Cold air balloons are available as a hot air shape balloons, inflatable gorillas, inflatable custom designs, inflatable products or inflatable logos. Cold air balloons run with a motor that works constantly to fill the balloon with air keeping it rigid so it conserves it's shape. For more information on advertising balloons or inflatable got o frequently asked questions.

    Helium balloons include giant helium spheres and inflatable balls that can come with a logo or a message,  parade balloons and advertising blimps that get your message across and are visible for up to 3 miles. These balloons are filled with helium that make them keep their shape and float.

    Inflatable costumes are another advertising tool. They work where other forms of advertising balloons or blimps are not allowed and give you more freedom to approach the customers and even hand out information.

    Other proven products include;

    Advertising banners, banner-flags, vendor tents and imprinted balloons all work well alone or as a complement to our products above.



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    Our Advertising Balloons are one of the best in the industry. We are committed to help you go above and beyond the competition with sate of the art and high quality outdoor advertising Air Dancers, Cold Air balloons, Parade balloons, Advertising inflatables, Blimps, Helium Balloons, Giant Inflatable Replicas and Digital Wind Flags. Any of this products will provide a visibility solution that will impact the advertising for your business or product. Our advertising balloons will create a landmark in your city that and will give a 3D advertising logo or product for your customer to see. Our outdoor advertising inflatable, can be used indoors at trade shows and exhibits as well. They  will bring attention to any retail business including special events and grand openings, inflate your business with our products. Advertising inflatables, Balloons of America, air dancers, wind flags and feather flags or sign banners, rooftop gorillas, pop-up tents, Ez-Up tents type, Laguna Canopy, helium blimps and digital banners are all powerful giant signs that when displayed  on  a rooftop or at street level  will call attention to your business. This simple visibility solution will increase your sales traffic and help above and beyond what you currently do at your business. American Advertising inflatables and promotional products get you noticed!

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